ACTION ALERT! HB 3205: Public Hearing on March 20th at 8am!!!

To the Deaf-Blind / DeafBlind and Deaf with additional disability Constituents and Supporter


The Communication Facilitator (CF) legislative bill public hearing and with possible work session hearing is scheduled on Wednesday, March 20th at 8am to 10am in House Room (HR) #E.


Enclosed you will find three documents 
1. Fact sheet about communication facilitator (CF) program
2. House Bill 3205 introduced bill
3. Proposed for language clean up through amendment which has been filed.


1. Residential Protection Service Fund (RSPF) at Public Utility Commission (PUC)'s position is neutral on this bill. 

2. RSPF is prepared to absorb the cost of CF service, there will be no impact in their fiscals as this means they do have remaining funding to cover this service. This is a no fiscal impact bill. This is a WINNING bill!

3. It is an apparent the Citizen Utility Board (CUB) and Oregon Telecommunication Association (OTA) - the two large lobbyist groups on behalf of telecommunication industry demonstrated no opinion thus so far which is GOOD. 


I will NOT be there. I will be teaching the graduate course at Western Oregon University and it is the last class of this term - thus schedule conflict. I regret that I could not be there. I am counting on many of you all being there to push this bill through. There is a HUGE chance this bill will pass except that they NEED to connect with you. 

If you cannot be there. There are two things you can do.

First, please send an email to and clearly explain it is for HB 3205. It is due to them within 24 hours of scheduled hearing. 

Secondly, you can visit and contact all the members by telephone, email or stop by their offices who are serving on the House Committee on Business and Labor to share your SUPPORT on this bill. 

If you plan to be there, you will need to contact State Capitol to put through a communication accommodations to be provided at this legislative hearing. 

Need accommodation? Please read the disclaimer from the State Capitol. Individuals with a disability who need a reasonable accommodation to participate in any functions at Oregon State Capitol, please contact at 503-986-1373 or at least 48 hours prior to the event.

As always, if you need to ask for more information or have questions, please contact Shannon Mason at for more details.

Many thanks!
Chad A. Ludwig
Oregon Association of the Deaf
Member, Legislative Committee

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