Attorneys seek for Deaf&HH experience at Marion County Jail

Visual description:

A deaf signer (Chad A. Ludwig) wearing black polo short sleeve shirt standing in front of solid blue background. On bottom of its screen, there is a yellow captioning over black background. The deaf signer is translating an email sent to him by an attorney, Dan Snyder.


Hello. A Deaf person was held twice in the Marion County Jail in 2016 and was not provided the auxiliary aids he requested. A class action lawsuit has been filed against Marion County to try to force the County to provide auxiliary aids requested by Deaf and Hard of Hearing people held at the jail. We are trying to locate other Deaf and Hard of Hearing people who were held at the Marion County Jail to learn about their experiences in receiving the accommodations they requested and whether they were assessed by jail staff to determine what accommodations were most suitable for them. Of most importance is the experiences of people with the jail after January 1, 2016. If you have any information, please contact attorney Daniel Snyder at 503-241-3617. Thank you.