(Clackamas) Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarm Giveaway

Clackamas Fire District #1 received a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) for the Apartment Inspection Program. A section of the grant is for the purchase of hearing impaired smoke alarms for eligible residents of Clackamas Fire District #1 living in multi-family housing. Multi-family housing is considered any building with three or more units, to include attached condominiums and townhouses that receive annual inspections from the fire department. These plug in/battery back-up strobe smoke alarms are being offered to people with qualified disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act, specifically those who are deaf or hard of hearing. These smoke alarms are available only to residents living inside the response area of Clackamas Fire District #1, who live in multi-family housing and who submit the required application and certificate of eligibility. A wait list will be created for qualified residents not living in multi-family housing for any smoke alarms that remain unclaimed after July 15, 2017.

There are a limited number of these specialized smoke alarms that will be given to eligible residents as they provide the required application with the certification of eligibility paperwork. Once all the hearing impaired smoke alarms are distributed no more will be purchased. Paperwork must be received by 4 pm, July 15, 2017.

The hearing impaired smoke alarms will not be given out to apartment owners or managers. These hearing impaired smoke alarms will become the property of the person on the approved application and are not to be used in lieu of the apartment owner's requirement to provide working smoke alarms under state law or the requirements of the state building or fire codes.

Paperwork needed before a hearing impaired smoke alarm will be given out:

  1. Fill out the on-line application form. If needed a paper copy can be picked up at the Oak Grove Fire Station front office, 2930 SE Oak Grove Blvd, Milwaukie OR 97267
  2. A certification of eligibility is required from the person's doctor or medical professional. The form can be found here.

If you have questions regarding the program contact the Fire Prevention office at 503-742-2600 or email valere.liljefelt@clackamasfire.com.

Read more: http://www.clackamasfire.com/hearing-impaired-smoke-alarm-giveaway/