(Eugene) Signing Black in America: The Story of Black ASL film premiere on Friday, October 11, 12:10 pm, EMU Redwood Auditorium

Friday lunch break
Free lunch provided by the Language & Life Project

Join the Language & Life Project for the premiere screening of their new film Signing Black in America, along with a panel discussion.

Film description:
While African American Language is the most widely recognized ethnic variety of English in the world, the use of American Sign Language (ASL) by Black Americans has been largely ignored or dismissed as part of an assumed ASL system uniformly used by the deaf community in the United States. But ASL, like any language, may show robust diversity, including traits associated with Black Americans.

Signing Black in America, produced by the Language & Life Project of North Carolina State University (with Walt Wolfram, Executive Producer), is the first documentary to highlight the development of Black American Sign Language. Based on extensive interviews with Black signers, linguistic experts, interpreters, natural conversations, and artistic performances by Black ASL users, it documents the development and description of this unique ethnic variety of ASL. Many of the same conditions that gave rise to the development of spoken African American language affected the development of Black ASL--residential,....

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