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September 5, 2018

No Meeting in September

We won't be having an HLAA Portland Chapter meeting this month. No board members or other volunteers are available to moderate the meeting, and we will not be able to set up our microphone and loop system to enable participants with T-coils to hear.

If you're on this email list, in early October we'll send you an announcement about whether we will meet next month.

In late June we had a member discussion meeting to get ideas from you on what topics you would like for our monthly meetings. Most people said they would prefer to have more discussions among attendees, rather than inviting speakers to make presentations.

Although we have been asking for volunteers to serve on the board and keep the group going, no volunteers have stepped forward.Only two current board members are willing to remain on the board, and to continue organizing our monthly meetings, but not unless there are more volunteers. At this point, no one has stepped up to be president or secretary. At a minimum, both of these positions must be filled to retain our status as an Oregon nonprofit organization, and we really need to have all seven board positions filled.

Our HLAA-Portland Chapter may need to become dormant or to disband, if we do not have some new volunteers to keep it going.

If you are interested in continuing to have monthly meetings and are willing to attend a board meeting three or four times per year, please email us, with "HLAA-P Board?" in the subject line. The only qualifications are:

A strong desire to have an HLAA Portland support group with monthly meetings
Willingness and a couple hours per month, to learn about, and help with, organizing those meetings
Having a current membership, or joining, the Hearing Loss Assn of America -- HLAA. It's $35/year, $20 for students. Click here to learn more and/or to join.


Future Meeting Dates and Topics/Speakers

We have been meeting at 6:30 pm on the third Monday of the month, September through May. But at this point, we have not scheduled any meetings for the Fall. We will announce future meetings in this newsletter and on our website.

Local get-togethers for CI users and potential users


Cochlear(r) is a manufacturer of Nucleus(r) cochlear implants (CIs) and Baha(r) bone-anchored hearing devices. Cochlear(r) sponsors monthly meetings for users and potential users of implants and similar devices, alternating between SW suburban and Clackamas locations.  Please pre-register at Cochlear.com/ (they'll ask for your zipcode) or by calling: 1-877-432-7844.  Each monthly meeting is an opportunity to connect with others, learn more about healthy hearing and hearing solutions, and receive hearing loss news, tips and updates from Cochlear(r). 

Thursday, Sept 6, a Cochlear(r) session will be 6 to 8 pm at Denny's Banquet Room, 15815 SE 82nd Drive, Clackamas 97015. .

Advance Bionics' Bionic Ear Association (BEA) was created to improve the quality of life of individuals with severe-to-profound hearing loss by providing valuable information, education, awareness, and guidance on cochlear implants. The BEA hosts occasional events where you can make new friends, learn about cochlear implants, get updates on new technology, and share your experiences. They have no events scheduled at this time.

For info about future BEA sessions, contact Sarah Benner at 661-476-7915 or Sarah.Benner@AdvancedBionics.com. Learn more about Advanced Bionics at AdvancedBionics.com.

Links to Useful Info 


You can find info on all the following topics at our HLAA-Portland website at this link.  


The State of Oregon Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has programs to assist Oregon residents with telephone communications, including phone bill subsidies, a relay service, and free loaner captioned phones and tablets. A similar program is available to Washington residents. Go to HLAA-Portland.


Talking back to your TV: Do you have a complaint about the captioning on  your TV?  To make a complaint, first contact the local broadcast station or your cable or satellite provider. Here's how . . . [Go to HLAA Portland]


Captions on TVs in public places in Portland: Televisions in public places in Portland are required to display captioning. Help make sure it happens. Go to HLAA Portland


Captioned performances at live theater performances: Currently three Portland venues (Broadway in Portland at the Keller Aud., Portland Center Stage, and Artists' Repertory Theater), and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, offer captioned performances. Go to HLAA Portland


At least 21 movie theaters in the Portland area offer captioned movies, including one Open Captioned screening most Wednesdays at a Regal cinema in downtown Portland. Check out where they all are and tell us about any we've missed. Go to HLAA Portland


Links to other websites


Preparing for a Hospital Stay, by Janice Lintz, published in the Huffington Post, 6/28/16:  "Being a patient with a hearing loss does not have to be frightening but preparation is needed. It is important to contact the hospital as far in advance as possible to discuss and request aids or services that may be needed. . . . "  Read the full article at this Huffington Post link.


The Oregon Association of the Deaf has a great calendar of local events that are  ASL interpreted. Current listings include many church services that are interpreted. Listings are updated frequently. Find their calendar at http://oad1921.org/event/upcom ing

HLAA Portland Meetings:
Accessibility and Location

Our usual meeting date and time is 6:30 pm on the third Monday of the month. We don't hold meetings during June, July or August, our annual summer break. However, as of September 4, 2018, we have cancelled our usual September meeting, and have not decided whether to hold meetings this fall. Be sure to be on the email list for this newsletter if you want to receive meeting notices.

Meeting Accessibility:  

All of our meetings are accessible to people using mobility devices.  For people with hearing loss, at all meetings where we have a speaker or discussion (but not our holiday potluck, and other socials), we provide two assistive systems:

Loop Amplification: At meetings we all speak into wireless microphones. They are linked to an induction loop which carries the sound to a telecoilthat's inside most hearing aids/devices. If you don't know whether or not your hearing aid has a telecoil (aka T-coil, T-switch or T-setting), please ask your provider, or ask one of us at the next meeting! We'll be glad to help. This will help you better hear everything said at the meeting.

Real-time captioning provided by Elizabeth Archer or one of her colleagues at Archer Captioning (see below)


Our meeting space is provided at no charge by Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital, 1015 N.W. 22nd Ave at Marshall St., Find the address and the building on this Google Map.

For a map showing the meeting location and available parking, download the Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital Campus Map (PDF, ~400KB). Building No. 2 is #19 on that map.

Drivers who use Good Sam Parking Structure #2 (driveway on Marshall St.) can enter building #2 directly from the parking structure (#20 on the map).

Parking for meeting attendees is free in Legacy Good Samaritan parking structures, but you must present a validation slip when you drive out of the garage. We provide validation slips at our meetings; Look for them on our literature table.


How to Get Here By Public Transportation: To plan your trip, go towww.trimet.org (or maps.google.com) or call (503) 235-RIDE. The meeting location is within two blocks of Lines 15, 77 and the Portland Streetcar.  Enter "1040 NW 22nd Ave, 97210" as your destination. 

HLAA Portland Board Members

2017-2018 Board: 

President: vacant
Vice President: vacant
Treasurer: Stephen Brier
Secretary: Anne McLaughlin till 9/30/18
Board Members At-Large: Judy Barnes and two vacancies.

Newsletter Editor: Anne McLaughlin

Our chapter is able to hold monthly meetings only because our board members volunteer to organize them.  We all owe thanks to our board members for keeping our chapter active.

There are seven seats on the HLAA-Portland Board: four officers and three at-large members. Being an at-large board member is a simple introduction to how we organize the monthly meetings and keep the chapter going. Please consider volunteering to serve as an at-large board member. The board can appoint an at-large member whenever there is a board vacancy. 

About HLAA and our Chapter


Who We Are: 

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is the nation's leading organization representing people with hearing loss. According to the National Center for Health Statistics 48 million (20 percent) Americans have some degree of hearing loss. It is the third most prevalent chronic health condition in older adults, after arthritis and heart disease, making it an issue of national concern.

HLAA provides assistance and resources for people with hearing loss and their families to learn how to adjust to living with hearing loss. HLAA is working to eradicate the stigma associated with hearing loss and raise public awareness about the need for prevention, treatment, and regular hearing screenings throughout life.

Our HLAA Portland chapter is dedicated to providing a supportive atmosphere for you to meet other hard of hearing people and learn about issues related to hearing loss. Our chapter meetings are real-time captioned and are equipped with a loop system (a PA system audible to wearers of hearing devices equipped with telecoils).


Individual membership is through our national organization, the Hearing Loss Association of America, HLAA, and is $35/year. To join, or for information about subscribing to HLAA emails, go to HLAA's home page, hearingloss.org. Membership dues support HLAA's activities and include membership in the local and state organizations. HLAA distributes a great bi-monthly magazine to all members.



Donations to our local chapter, HLAA-Portland, qualify as tax deductible, and are very welcome! Our budget is quite frugal. It covers maintenance of our loop system used at our meetings, our PO Box fee, and occasional other activities. Our mailing address is PO Box 2112, Portland OR 97208-2112. We also accept cash or check donations at our monthly meetings. 

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