Introduction to Protactile Theory online classes now open

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce that "Introduction to Protactile Theory" is available again. This four-week group email seminar welcomes community members, educators, interpreters, administrators, SSPs, parents, and anyone interested in learning more about the Protactile movement.

For interpreters, it is a RID CMP and ACET Activity, and 2.0 CEUs in the category of Professional Studies will be offered by the DeafBlind Interpreting National Training and Resource Center, an approved CMP and ACET sponsor.

Here are some things that participants in previous seminars have said about their experience:

"THE MOST enjoyable seminar I've ever taken online"
"insightful, invigorating and fun!"
"a great jumping off point for me"
"a warm, safe, and welcoming space"
"a safe space where people were willing to share their processes of learning, including unlearning"
"This class exceeded my expectations"
"such an immersive and enriching seminar"
"immersive and engaging and exciting"
"model for how to teach online, and how to teach, period"
"you were like, right there with an answer for everything"
"the quick responses were amazing!"
"so generous with your thoughts"
"I feel much more confident now with the theory surrounding the Protactile movement"
"I learned so much and recognize I have much more to learn!"
"I LOVE this format!"
"I didn't expect a listserv to be so effective"
"one of the best courses I have ever taken"
"I learned so much better on it than I have ever done from an online course"
"you adapted the materials to match our current understanding"
"you encouraged us, individually, to think deeper"
"you honored the contributions we were able to make"

Title: Introduction to Protactile Theory

Instructor: John Lee Clark

Dates: October 13 to November 8, 2019

CEUs: 2.0 (20 hours, 5 per week, no partial CEUs are awarded)

Registration fee: $200 (PayPal or check)

Course description:

This distance learning opportunity focuses on the social and intellectual contexts in which the Protactile movement emerged. Key concepts include distantism, vidism, virtual and corporeal spaces, co-presence, co-navigation, and autonomy. We will discuss the ramifications of these concepts, Protactile practices, and protactile language. This four-week, discussion-intensive course is designed to deepen the knowledge of participants at any stage of their Protactile journeys, from those who haven't even started to the most fluent Protactile speakers.

IMPORTANT: The course will be conducted via a secure email listserv. THERE ARE NO SET TIMES TO MEET OR SHOW UP. The discussions are ongoing, and you can read and contribute at your own pace within each weekly block. You are responsible for obtaining a copy of one book; all other reading materials are provided.

Participation expectations: Read materials, post several messages per week, and write a short (300-400 words) essay. We will use a flexible literacy approach; Deaf English and other pidgin writing styles are fine.

Instructor bio:

John Lee Clark is the author of the essay collection "Where I Stand"
(Handtype Press, 2014). A nationally recognized Protactile trainer, he is a core team member with the DeafBlind Interpreting National Training and Resource Center at Western Oregon University; a research consultant for a National Science Foundation grant studying Protactile phonology, Drs. Terra Edwards and Diane Brentari principal investigators; and an adjunct instructor with the Department of ASL Studies and Deaf Studies, Gallaudet University. His essays and poems have appeared in many publications, including American Poetry Review, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Minneapolis Star Tribune, The Nation, The New York Times, The Paris Review, Poetry, Sign Language Studies, and Wordgathering. He lives in Hopkins, Minnesota, with the artist and author Adrean Clark and their three sons.

Registration deadline: October 6, 2019

To apply, please contact me at  <> for further information.

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