(Job Opening in Indianapolis) Executive Director for Silent Blessings Deaf Ministries

The time has come! After 24 years as Executive Director of Silent Blessings Deaf Ministries, it is time to find a new Executive Director who can lead this nonprofit ministry effectively and take us to the next level.

Our heart is for Deaf children. We work in cooperation with other Deaf ministries to create and make available fresh new Christian resources on video in American Sign Language, specifically tailored to children.

If leading a team dedicated to creating these kinds of resources resonates in your heart, please read the attached document. If you feel God prompting you to contact us, please do so! Via email at marshall [at] silentblessings [dot] org ... or by mail at the address below:

Rev. Marshall Lawrence
Silent Blessings Deaf Ministries
8930 Bash St - Suite E
Indianapolis, IN 46256

The Executive Director of Silent Blessings Deaf Ministries oversees the general operations of the ministry in accordance with the Mission Statement of the organization. This executive is employed by the ministry's Board of Directors and is accountable to the Board for the effective performance of these duties.

Qualifications and Characteristics
The Executive Director will possess many or all of the following qualifications and characteristics:
* Christ follower
* Strong relationship with d/Deafculture
* Excellent interpersonal skills
* Excellent communication skills
* Not threatened by talented people
* Visionary and innovative
* Able to ask major donors for large gifts
* A possibility thinker who recognizes opportunities to accomplish difficult things
* Able to straddle the d/Deaf and hearing worlds successfully
* Amenable to direction and correction from the Board

The Executive Director is responsible for these four major areas of operation:

1. Administration and Leadership
The Executive Director will be a recruiter and delegator who recognizes the giftedness of other people and can engage them in the ministry of Silent Blessings. We recognize that the work of Silent Blessings needs to be done by volunteers as well as paid staff, so the Executive Director should be a person who values and coordinates the work of all of these people. The Executive Director will nurture their professional and spiritual growth in ways most appropriate to each individual. The Executive Director will lead the organization into relationships with d/Deaf and hearing communities that would benefit from its services. The Executive Director is ultimately responsible for the hiring, firing, training, and supervision of all Silent Blessings staffers. This person will be responsible for the fiscal integrity and accountability of the organization.

2. Fund Raising / Development
The Executive Director is the public person for the ministry's fund- raising efforts. This person meets with prospective donors, plans fund- raising campaigns (mailings, social media, exhibits, etc.), and cogently articulates the mission of Silent Blessings to various communities that may support or benefit from its services. The Executive Director is responsible for building the donor base (monthly givers, wills and bequests, etc.). This person could also arrange for someone to write grant requests.

3. Production of Media Resources
The Executive Director guides the creation and production of various Silent Blessings media resources (video, digital, print, apparel, etc.). This may include identifying media production and duplication services that Silent Blessings can utilize, determining what production steps can best be done in-house, and assuring that Silent Blessings media resources maintain a high level of quality.

4. Branding & Marketing
The Executive Director guides the development and freshening of the Silent Blessings logo and institutional identity to keep the public identity relevant and attractive. The new Executive Director may possibly guide a rebranding effort as an early priority. The Executive Director originates and/or identifies potential new media resources and how they further the mission of the ministry, and works to assure a sufficient emphasis on sales and distribution of those resources to reach and serve the d/Deaf community, and to generate sufficient revenue to sustain the ministry.

5. Relationships with Other Ministries
The Executive Director will foster relationships with other organizations that serve the d/Deaf community, including those that do not have a Christian orientation. He/she will also work to maintain functional relationships with DOOR International, Deaf Missions, Deaf Bible Society, Deaf Teen Quest, and other organizations that serve the d/Deaf community as well as supporting congregations, foundations, broadcasters, and other organizations that share our ministry goals. The Executive Director will investigate ways to network with entities that promote the inclusion of diverse individuals in the d/Deaf community.