Legislative Alert on HB 2392

Hi all,

We are nearing the end of the legislative session. It is critical we make a final push on our bill. A new target is Chairs Nathanson and Devlin.

Urgent Action needed to Support Access to Sound for Children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing

HB 2392 fixes loopholes in the current hearing aid insurance requirement for private insurers. Current statute only covers hearing aids. If passed, HB 2392 will require health insurance to cover cochlear, assistive hearing devices (such as FM/DM), on-going hearing evaluations, fitting procedures and so much more. In addition, insurers will be required to contract with an adequate number of pediatric audiologist to ensure rapid services. Attached is a fact sheet on the bill.

We need your help. Please write to the members of Joint Ways and Means Subcommittee on Human Services urging them to schedule HB 2392 for a hearing and work session. This committee is the final stop before a full vote in both the House and Senate.



Below is an example of a letter, but write what you feel or think. Making it personal always helps.

Dear Rep. XXXX

I am writing to you in support of HB 2392, access to sound for children who are deaf/hard of hearing. Current insurance requirements leave children without adequate services and devices to help them succeed in school and life. HB 2392 will provide children with timely access to pediatric audiologists and assistive listening devices to aid with hearing.

As a member of the Joint Ways and Means, will you push to have this bill scheduled for a hearing and work session.

Thank you

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