Legislative Update from OAD on 2/16/2019

Current Bills
HB 2629, HB 2630, and HB 2632 had their public hearing on February 11th in the afternoon from 3-5pm. Shannon Mason, Patrick Graham, and Chad Ludwig attended and Patrick/Chad testified on these bills. ODE testified their neutral position. Eleni Boston and Kristy Karsten as a private citizens expressed their concern in regards to Regional School Districts on all of these bills. 

SB 352 (Tucker Maxon bill), we had our scheduled compromising meeting on February 11th and it went well. The executive director from Tucker Maxon met with OAD board, the OAD reversed their position and now support SB 352.

SB 795 - Oregon Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (ODHHS) now have new bill number. 

Senate Bill 31 in regards to word clean up in ODE statue on hearing impairment to deaf and hard of hearing. It passed out from Senate Committee on Education to Senate floor as it just had its 3rd reading. 

Pending Bills
The following topics still have not got out from legislative counsel "writing team" as they re due back to every legislators on every bills that sit in this department by February 22nd. We will receive a copy probably next weekend on those pending bills

1. Communication Facilitator (CF) for DeafBlind with Senator Lee Beyer.

A bit more information about this CF bill. The PUC received word from ODOJ that they didn't need legislative binding to provide this service as they already have statue that clarify they could however the ODOJ stated something else that PUC felt they need to clarify because it appears still need legislative binding. PUC hope to get an update from ODOJ soon because their main bill passed out from Senate chamber and is being referred to house. Once it arrive house, we need to push through a dash amendment to this bill.

2. Support Service Provider for DeafBlind with Senator Dallas Heard.

We received an initial draft and it was not well like so we sent back with copy of SSP bill from State of Texas as it is currently in momentum. Now waiting for a draft. Due Feb 22nd.

3. Direct DMV to flag the individuals who are Deaf / Hard of Hearing to allow the Law Enforcement and dispatcher see the information in their system with Senator Chuck Thomsen. 

No details on this one. Due Feb 22nd.

4. Mental Health for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals Bill of Rights with Representative Ron Noble. 

We asked this office to update the language which we are currently waiting to get an update. Due date Feb 22nd.

Individuals with a disability who need a reasonable accommodation to participate in any functions at Oregon State Capitol, please contact at 1-800-332-2313 or employee.services@oregonlegislature.gov at least 48 hours prior to the event.

Thanks all!