ODHHS on Update, and new online resources

Dear ODHHS Advisory Committee members,


We hope you are safe and well! We continue to prepare for the day that we can assemble again whether online or in person. Many thanks to those of you who worked patiently with us to make sure you are "Zoom ready." Once we have our DHS Zoom accounts and they are ready to use, we will follow up with you about possible meeting strategies going forward. We will also begin to plan another online Q & A for Deaf and hard of hearing Oregonians once we have Zoom, this time focusing on mental/emotional wellness given its importance as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.


ODHHS now has a webpage dedicated to COVID-19 resources for Deaf and hard of hearing people. It includes an ASL and captioned video we helped produce that focuses on developing an emergency medical "go bag" for Deaf and hard of hearing people to keep at the ready in case they need urgent medical attention. There is also a link to a PDF with tips for communication between Deaf and hard of hearing people and mask wearers. The website URL is featured near the top of our home page (www.odhhs.com) and a direct link is https://www.oregon.gov/DHS/SENIORS-DISABILITIES/SPPD/Pages/COVID19-ASL-R.... The video can be viewed at https://youtu.be/Y6_RhQh2m4g. The communication tips PDF can be downloaded at https://www.oregon.gov/DHS/SENIORS-DISABILITIES/SPPD/Documents/mask-tips....


We expect to add a few new resources over time to the webpage while still keeping it simple to navigate. If you have suggestions for other resources to consider for the webpage, please let us know.


In the meantime, please spread the word about these resources to your contacts.


We wish you a good and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!


Best Regards,

Barbara Robertson                        Krista Gallagher

Hard of Hearing Specialist                            Deaf Specialist

Oregon Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services     Oregon Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services