Oregon Employment Support Professional/Employment Specialist



I am Employment Support Professional for Deaf populations. I work in Job Launch Dept which is under Partnership in Community Living. 


I worked with general Deaf and Deaf people with DD/IDD.


I worked with VR and ODDS to provide those services:



Job Launch was hired to support you through the Discovery process. The Discovery service generally takes 3 months to complete but sometimes it can go faster or take a bit longer. During Discovery, you will be working with me to find and perform volunteer or work type activities in order to learn more about your strengths, interests, abilities, skills and support needs. We are not actively searching for jobs during this service. We will be focusing on exploring and having experiences that help identify the conditions or settings you will need to be successful in employment. A report known as a Discovery profile will be created and shared with your Case Manager or Brokerage PA and your VR Counselor. Once the VR Counselor reviews your Discovery profile, they will complete your Plan of Employment using the information from the profile. Following the Discovery service, your VR Counselor will hire a Job Developer to find the right job match based on the information in your Discovery profile


Career Exploration-

Job Launch was hired to support you with exploring and learning about a variety of occupations in order to identify what types of jobs would be a good fit for your specific skills, interests and needs. This service will help you identify some specific career options in your preferred field of work. During Career Exploration, we will not be actively searching for jobs.  I will complete a report for your VR counselor to review and using that report, the VR counselor will write your Individual Plan of Employment. We will begin Job Development when your VR counselor authorizes that service.




Job Launch was hired by VR to conduct workplace assessments. I will help you with identifying some locations where an employer will allow you to come into their workplace and try a job you are interested in doing. I will be observing your skills and abilities and helping you to determine what job duties you are able to complete without assistance. For the duties that you need some help with, I will help you to figure out what accommodations you may need or ways to overcome barriers to your success. I will then complete a report for your VR counselor to help them better understand what accommodations and services you may benefit from receiving.

Sometimes finding a good location to conduct an assessment can take some time. I will keep you informed about my search for appropriate assessment sites.


Job Placement Services-


Your VR counselor has hired Job Launch to help you find a job that fits your specific interests, skills and abilities. I will complete a report that outlines a plan on how I will go about finding the right job match for you. In Job Launch, we have a lead job developer that partners with me to locate employers with jobs that would be appropriate for you. We develop positive relationships with many employers in our community. Sometimes we are able to find the right match quickly, and sometimes it can take quite a while. The job search process often requires a great deal of patience.


Job Coaching-

Once we find the right job match, VR will hire me or a different Job Coach to work with you and help you to learn your job as independently as possible. Your Job Coach will partner with you to provide support for success in your workplace; create relationships with coworkers; learn about your job and the rules of business; train you in new skills to work towards promotion and help you to maintain a healthy working attitude for continued employment. Job Coaches work to create an environment where you can eventually continue in your job with minimal job coaching supports.



Email me if you do the same kind of job I do, I would love to chat with you on some tools like what is working and what is not working.  It would be awesome if we could chat on VP and partnership since we do the same kind of job. Let me know. Thank you!


Thank you,

Christopher Mortensen
Certified Employment Support Professional 

Partnerships In Community Living, Inc.
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Monmouth, OR 97351

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