Oregon Health Authority wants to hear from you

This applies to all who get OHP Oregon Health Plan. For whole state of Oregon not just southern Oregon. 

Hello Southern Oregon Deaf, HH, Deaf +. My name is Velma Foust and I made vlog to see if you are frustrated with your CCO ( your health insurance Jackson care connect or Allcare) and dr office not provide you with live Interpreter or maybe VRI keep freeze or maybe you on meds and can't understand VRI??? whatever it is you not happy about you can now share your story with OHA (Oregon Health Authority) They will be ready to hear your story on Feb 13th from 1-3 if can't on Feb. 13 can on Feb 21st. from 9 am- 12pm. Please contact me at foustvelma@icloud,com and I can help you prepare your story, I will then give you a phone number to call on Feb 10th or if I get the number before Feb 10 I will let you know. you can just PM private message me either way will work..OHA need to hear from the Deaf. Many many people who speak different language will call and share their story but NO Deaf call/VP share stories so OHA think we Deaf people must be happy with serve, not true... so please ALL Deaf contact me so we can make sure you share your story and let OHA understand our frustration. we need our local Dr. and health insurance improve services to the Deaf. Thank you for watching my Vlog on Facebook hope to hear from you all.

feel free to share with your friends and family.