Portland Deaf Film Festival hosts on October 6th

Film Schedule

Portland Deaf Film Festival 
October 6th 9:00a-5pm
Clinton Street Theater

Doors open at 9:15am

Morning Shorts 9:30-10:10am

"Lumberjackie" (2018), USA

Genre: Comedy Skit
Director: Amanda Hays
Producer: Andre Gray
Run Time: 3 minutes

Lumberjackie finds herself in a very hipster-ish Portland coffee bus.

"DUI- The Strength Within You" (2017) USA

Genre: Comedy
Director: Katia Belas
Producer: Katia Belas
Run Time: 3 minutes

Lina lives life at large, but when she is trying to go home after a fun night at the bar she encounters some unexpected difficulties to get her car moving, until something happens that changes everything in her mind.

"Silence" (2014) Iran

Genre: Drama/ Action
Director: Maryam Pirband
Producer: Maryam Pirband
Run Time: 7 minutes

A young Deaf mother has a hard job: she cleans outside of high buildings when she is on ropes. One day something strange happens to her, she saves a human.

"Eye of the Beholder" (2018) USA

Genre: Narrative Drama
Director: Phillip Rendell Brown II
Producer: Kerry Cooler
Run Time: 8 minutes

Jakob, born with only one normal eye, has been given a gift at a very tender age and he does not understand the sacrifice and the love of his Mother until it is too late. The stigma of his mother's blindness is piercing and he does not want to be associated with her. The truth behind his scar is revealed and the irreparable damage of his decisions and actions unfolds.

"Tama" (2017) New Zealand

Genre: Drama
Director: Ashleigh Flynn
Producer: Jared Flitcroft and Jack O'Donnell 
Run Time: 9 minutes

Tama is the result of a unique collaboration between Deaf and hearing filmmakers. Tama is about a young Maori Deaf boy who tries to perform the traditional Maori war dance, the Haka, silently. He is isolated within his family where communication is challenging. On a near-fatal car trip, Tama has to confront his father, and in his struggle he begins to grow from an undervalued youth into a proud young man.

Morning Films 10:30-12:40pm

There will be a brief 10min intermission between screenings

"The Silent Child" (2018) United Kingdom

Genre: Live Action Short
Director: Chris Overton
Producer: Chris Overton and Rachel Shenton
Run Time: 20 minutes

Set in rural England and inspired by real life events, The Silent Child film centres around a profoundly Deaf four-year-old girl named Libby who is born into a middle class family. She lives a silent life until her social worker teaches her sign language.

"Our Basketball Dream" (2016) China

Genre: Drama
Director: Anthony Cheung
Producer: Bernal Lee
Run Time: 21 minutes

Lam Tung Ching desperately wants to join the Asia Deaf Basketball Competition, but struggles to because of his knee injury. But, one day he meets Yi who is new to basketball - will she change his life?

"Silent Life" (2015) USA 11:

Genre: Drama
Director: Teddy Dorsette III
Producer: Teddy Dorsette III
Run Time: 21 minutes

A young man, named Teddy, struggles to find a balance between two worlds -- hearing and Deaf. He is an aspiring student who braves the hearing world to shatter barriers and find his journey as a man. Along the way he meets a hearing girl named Isabel. She holds his heart only to shatter it and betray him. Along the way he gets advice and learns things from hearing and Deaf alike. The ending shows his final choice of who to be and how he wants to live.

Deafening Darkness

Genre: Suspense/Drama/Horror
Director: Mark Trifunovic 
Producer: Candice Leigha, Ali Saeedi, Mark Trifunovic
Run Time: 20 minutes

A brave Deaf woman searching for her missing friend encounters a mysterious alien from another world struggling to come to terms with its traumatic past...

1-1:30pm PDX DFF Volunteer Speeches

1:30-2:05pm Guest Speaker Miles Barbee and short

"This Is Ed!!" (2017) USA

Genre: Comedy
Director: Bob Hiltermann
Producer: Katia Belas
Run Time: 7 minutes

"This is Ed!!" is a lighthearted comedy based on a true story illustrating that the difficulties two deaf friends have communicating with each other on the telephone can have a humorous side.

Feature Length 2:15-3:15pm

"The Godfather Running" USA

Genre: Drama/ Thriller/ Horror
Director: James Cooley
Producer: James Cooley
Run Time: 55 mins 
Falling in love with a young man, a physician ventures to save his dying friend to win the man's heart against the laws of nature

Documentary 3:25-4:25pm

"Halifax Explosion- The Deaf Experience" (2017) Canada

Genre: Documentary
Director: Linda Campbell 
Producer: Linda Campbell & Jim McDermott
Run Time: 38 minutes

On December 6, 1917, two ships colliding in Halifax Harbour led to one of largest explosions ever. The Halifax School for the Deaf was near, yet all survived. How? Amazing stories of community and survival are shared in ASL and MSL.

Final Film

"The Pastman" (2018) USA 4:25-4:45p

Genre: Drama
Director: Charlie Ainsworth
Producer: MJ Kielbus
Run Time: 17 minutes

In the future, time travel is possible and it is overrun with time criminals. A government agent is assigned to travel back in time to serve as a consolation to those who are affected by time crime.