(Press Release) Bridges Oregon Announces a new National Sign Language Assessment Service





January 31, 2021


Bridges Oregon, Inc.

Chad A. Ludwig, MSW, ADAC, OHCI, DI

Executive Director

chad [at] bridgesoregon [dot] org




Salem, Oregon. - Bridges Oregon is a non-profit organization created by deaf individuals. Bridges Oregon has accepted the relocation of Sign Language Assessment (RSLA) program from Research and Resource Center with Deaf* communities (RRCD) at Western Oregon University (WOU) and will be housed at Bridges Oregon. 


It will be renamed the  National Sign Language Assessment (NSLA).


The NSLA service uses Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI) and is conducted in American Sign Language (ASL) to assess the individuals' ASL skills. In 1980, the SLPI:ASL assessment was adapted by Bill Newell and Frank Caccamise from the Language/Oral Proficiency Interview (L/OPI), an interview technique used for assessing spoken language communication skills. In October 2019, two national trainers from the National Technical Institute of the Deaf (NTID), a college of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), visited WOU to guide and train the team to implement the national SLPI:ASL service which has now moved to Bridges Oregon.


The service has widespread value to those seeking an external evaluation of their ASL skills. State and federal employees, law enforcement members and others can use this service to verify their fluency when seeking pay increases, promotions, or new jobs. Students can use this service when applying for academic programs requiring prerequisite knowledge of ASL,obtaining an internship, and/or when looking to enter the job market.

The NSLA is an assessment conducted remotely involving a conversation in ASL between an interviewer and a candidate. The service assesses a person's skills in using a natural sign language for communication. The assessment provides an analysis of a person's sign language vocabulary, production, fluency, grammar and comprehension skills. 

The NSLA provides ratings and comprehensive diagnostic feedback, providing candidates a better understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement to continue to move to a higher rating. The NSLA is listed on the National Seal of Biliteracy and Oregon State Seal of Biliteracy as an acceptable means of demonstrating proficiency in a language other than English. 

The service is available for use nationwide, including the U.S. territories. For more information, visit www.bridgesoregon.org/NSLA

About Bridges Oregon:

Bridges Oregon is a nonprofit for Oregonians who are Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing or face other communication barriers. It is in our mission to facilitate equity, inclusiveness and provide a bridge to opportunities through advocacy, education and communication. Learn more at www.bridgesoregon.org, fb.com/BridgesOregon, or IG/BridgesOregon. 

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