Survey: Church and Deaf Community


My name is Chelsea Schafer and I am a student at Roanoke College. I am conducting research to see how deafness and religious community experience interact. I hope this research will help equip churches to better minister to the deaf and hard of hearing population.

I am writing to ask if you would be willing to pass on my online survey about this topic to the members of your organization. I would also like to ask if there are any other relevant organizations that you think might be willing to pass on the survey to their members as well.

If you wish to contact me to find out more information about this study you can email me at this email (

You are under no obligation to share the survey and participation in the survey is voluntary. Below is a link to the survey for your convenience if you choose to share it.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Chelsea Schafer

IRB study number: 17067