Update: Oregon Legislative Bills

2021 Oregon Legislature
Senate & House Bills

HB 2087 - Requires Oregon Health Authority to adopt rules to ensure that health care providers use health care interpreters, reimbursed by state, when interacting with medical assistance recipients who have limited English proficiency or who communicate in sign language.

HB 2359 - Requires health care providers to work with health care interpreters from health care interpreter registry operated by Oregon Health Authority to provide interpretation services.

HB 2498 - Provides that registered owner may request that registration card issued for vehicle include that owner, or person operating vehicle, may be deaf or hard of hearing.

HB 2508 - Requires Oregon Health Authority to ensure reimbursement of health services delivered using telemedicine. (Includes cost of interpreters)

HB 2585 - Imposes requirements upon mental health treatment professionals and programs to ensure culturally and linguistically affirmative mental health services for individuals who are deaf, deaf-blind or hard of hearing.

HB 2944 - Requires Legislative Assembly to provide translator and interpreter services free of charge in order to facilitate witness participation in hearings or informal meetings with one or more members of Legislative Assembly, as required by federal Americans with Disabilities Act, or in conjunction with constituent outreach services.

HB 3146 - Relating to the Oregon Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Program.

PENDING HB Bill - Requires school district to provide information about certain services and placements available for children who are deaf or deafblind or who are hard of hearing and to ensure that representative of Oregon School for the Deaf is present for certain meetings related to individualized education programs or 504 Plans. (See legislative concept attached)

SB 724 - Establishes Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing Fund administered by Oregon Department of Human Services.  Some to be given to a nonprofit organization serving the Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing. (not to exceed $500,000 per year from PUC)

SB 2394 - Requires long term care facilities, residential facilities, adult foster homes and facilities with memory care endorsements to have isolation prevention plans to enable residents to communicate with other residents, family members, friends or other external support systems during public emergency. (Includes Deaf & Deaf-Blind)

SB 5506 - Appropriates money for the Oregon School for the Deaf Fire Alarm System Replacement ... for a six-year period beginning July 1, 2021

SB 5513 - Appropriates $14,029,161 from General Fund to Department of Education for Oregon school for the Deaf