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Your help is needed on an important Congress issue. Are you familiar with the early hearing detection and intervention program? Well it's now being discussed for reauthorization for the next FIVE years.  What does that mean? Hospitals and teachers everywhere in the USA depend on the Congress to pass this bill again so they can get the money to pay for the hearing screening tests and language services (like speech therapy and ASL classes) for newly born deaf and hard of hearing babies and their families. 

So yes, this bill (H.R. 1539) is important to make sure our deaf babies continue to get good services, but know what? We need ONE more amendment to make sure their families get access to support in ASL. How can you help with that??  Simple. CALL. EMAIL. VISIT. 
The House of Representatives has a Health committee and YOUR state representative on it, so they NEED to be contacted by you ASAP before they pass the bill. 

Here's the information on how to contact your representative- please share with your state association members and have all of them contact them by next WEDNESDAY, August 16th. That will help us here at NAD greatly because right now, the House is not willing to change/amend the bill UNLESS they hear from you. 

Contact Information: 
Greg Walden 
Phone number: (202) 225-6730

Kurt Schrader
Phone number:(202) 225-5711

For more information, see my vlog from last April, and the recent Instagram/Facebook post at: 

When you call, email or visit- you can use this email template 
AND ask for a specific amendment to require providing services in ASL and English plus the family's home language.

Tawny Holmes, Esq. 
Education Policy Counsel, National Association of the Deaf
Co-Chair, National Deaf Education Conference (
Language Deprivation Taskforce Chair
Education Advocates Program Coordinator
Always for Deaf Children
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