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10175 Wheeler Road Central Point, OR 97502
Central Point, OR 97502
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10175 Wheeler Road Central Point, OR 97502
Central Point, OR 97502

Dogs For Better Lives, formerly known as Dogs for the Deaf, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit, "for impact" organization, was founded in 1977 by the late Roy G. Kabat. Roy worked with exotic and domestic animals for movies and television and had a small traveling circus. After retiring to the Applegate Valley in southern Oregon, he was contacted by the American Humane Association and their headquarters in Denver, Colorado. A deaf woman in Minnesota had had a dog that had trained itself to let her know when things were going on. As she lost more and more hearing, the dog alerted her to more and more things. After her dog died, the woman realized how much she had come to depend on the dog and began a search for someone to train a new dog for her. The American Humane Association began some experimental work trying to train dogs to help people who were deaf, and they wanted Roy's advice. After spending two weeks in Denver, Roy came back to Oregon and began Dogs for the Deaf.

Dogs for the Deaf was first housed outside Jacksonville, Oregon, then moved in 1989 to our current 40 acre site at the base of lower Table Rock in Central Point, Oregon.

From the very beginning, Dogs for the Deaf has maintained a commitment to every dog rescued from the shelter and to every person helped. Dogs for the Deaf is there for the life of the team, providing guidance and help to make sure every team is receiving maximum benefit from each other.









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