Fingers Crossed Interpreting

Fingers Crossed Interpreting
Andrew Tolman
Telephone: 1 520-603-2982
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Region: Portland Area

Inspired by the countless Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals who fight for equality and justice every day, Fingers Crossed Interpreting looks to bridge the gaps of communication in social justice, politics, and activism. American Sign Language users come from every walk of life, so the need for access exists everywhere. And interpreters are not just for the Deaf community; accessibility is something that EVERYONE can benefit from.

From political campaigns, social justice events, Drag shows, speaker forums, community dialogues, protests, film screenings, concerts, street movements, and everything in between, Fingers Crossed Interpreting hopes to not only provide American Sign Language Interpretation but also connect groups of organizers locally and nationally. The hope is these groups can align their goals and continue moving forward as an accessible, interconnected powerhouse.

Fingers Crossed Interpreting was founded in 2018 by Interpreter Andrew Tolman, and is comprised of Hearing and Deaf Interpreters and activists who are experienced in all the different realms of politics and advocacy and are ready to put their work on the front lines so stories can be shared unbiasedly, empowering the public with the knowledge they have a right to. Fingers Crossed Interpreting will always strive to center the perspectives and experiences of both Deaf and Hearing activists, organizers, leaders, and change-makers that came before and still work today. We are an extension of their work and are eternally thankful to community members that continue to work and fight together to create a better future.

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