Social[58], LLC

Social[58], LLC
Steven M Brown, MPA, MA
Managing Member/Director/Founder
1819 SW 5th Avenue #143
Portland, OR 97201
United States
Telephone: 971-266-4617
Videophone: 971-266-4617
Cell / Mobile: 503-752-6721
Directory: Businesses, Education, Finance & Law, Government Agencies, Health, Housing, Human Services, Interest Groups, Organization
Region: Statewide


1819 SW 5th Avenue #143
Portland, OR 97201


The philosophy of Social58 is to provide the fullest, most meaningful opportunities for the grass-root nonprofit community organizations and cause their social interests to thrive. Essentially, social interest fosters a feeling of community which inspires need for the community members to connect with nonprofit groups, in order to express the same social interests.  Nonprofits need to inspire that particular connection as well.  

Mission Statement:

To enrich, foster, and promote social interests to help community members to thrive and lead.

Value Statement:

To develop stronger value-based management leadership styles within nonprofits and to provide and foster a social need and demand for the community groups, achieving particular meaningful missions, activities, goals, and programs and services.

Core of Values:

Social58 espouses the core of values which are listed below:



Social58 has achievable and manageable goals to facilitate work with nonprofit community groups, as well as with the individual and community members, goals that will help them build strategies.

To develop value-based management styles;

To provide meaningful leadership skills, including strategies and tools, and training;

To define on what a social need for such nonprofit connection;

To provide a meaningful opportunity for the community groups and members to work on their social needs collaboratively; and

To promote and enrich the community's social interests.

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