A Brief history of the Existence of the OAD

by Konrad Hokanson & George Scheler

A Compilation of Gleanings from the Minutes of COnventions and Board Meetings of the Oregon Association of the Deaf from its founding in 1921 up to 2000.

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1920 - 1929

The first meeting of the organizing group was held July 2, 1921, at Oregon School for the Deaf, with Bird L. Craven chairing.  The Constitution and Bylaws were voted on article by article with the meeting covering three days.  First name was Oregon Association for the Advancement of the Deaf.  First President was Mr. Thure A. Lindstrom.  Leaders and doers were M/M Bird L. Craven, M/M Jack Bertram, Maurice Werner, Marion Finch, M/M JOhn O. Reichle, Henry P. Nelson, Charles Lynch, Bud Hastine, Guie Cooke.  (Apologies to any who were overlooked.)

Board meetings: proposed securing a deaf missionary for the Pacific Northwest.

Washington Association invited the OAD to meet with them in Spokane in 1932.

2nd Convention, 1922.  Board proposed $1.25 to $2.00 as the reasonable price per day for both room and meals at OSD.  Report of successful fight of OAD to quash two legislative bills that were inimical to the Oregon Deaf.

3rd Convention, 1925. 150 members presnt.  Proposed to establish a home for the aged and infirm deaf.  OSD Superintendent strongly criticized for trying to oralize the school.  Highlight was a moonlight cruise on the Willamette River.

4th Convention, 1928.  July 1-4 at Corvallis was cancelled and moved to Portland, September 1-2, 1928 Still critical of oral method only at OSD.

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1930 - 1939

5th Convention, 1930.  Established a "Traffic Committee" to look our for laws affecting deaf drivers.  Suggested driving permits have a "special" mark.  OAD funds: $303.88.

6th Convention, 1932.  Depression so meetings were changed to triennially.

7th Convention, 1935.  Affiliation with NAD voted.  $10 fee. After 1938 meetings would return to being biennially.  OAD funds: $610.54.

8th Convention, 1938.  Securing auto insurance for Deaf Drivers. Proposal to establish a Labor Bureau for the Deaf.  Members in arrears not required to pay back dues.  Two year membership requirement dropped, but two year residence retained.  OAD funds: $653.54.

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1940 - 1949

9th Convention, 1940.  A bill sent to Legislature to establish a Labor Dept. of the Deaf.  OAD to take steps to see that OSD taught trades more thoroughly, but School lacked funds.  Bylaws changed to require a Chapter to pay the OAD a flat $5.00 fee, not one-fourth of its yearly receipts.  Fund set up to purchase a bus for the School for athletic activities.  OAD funds: $682.54.

10th Convention, 1942. OSD, 50 Cents a night; Breakfast 35 cents; supper 50 cents.  OAD funds: $635.47.

11th Convention, 1946.  There was no convention was held in 1944 due to the War and travel restrictions. The Home Fund was killed and a movie projector was purchased instead.  Deaf Budapest, Hungary, asked for aid, but we through the NAD was better equipped to handle this project.  An album of old times of OAD was to be kept at the School.

12th Convention, 1948.  Proposal to film deaf workers as a way to show the public what deaf people can do.

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1950 - 1959

13th Convention, 1950.  Registration fee was approved.  Vinson Eyeglass Fund established.  Future banquets would be open to public.  Treasurer's books to be audited once a year.  FIlming of deaf workers as a  promotional project raised its head again.  OAD funds: $637.07.

14th Convention, 1952.  Joined NAD Century CLub with $100 donation.  Board voted to charge registration fee for the first time.  OAD funds $746.26.

15th Convention, 1954. OAD voted to pay the banquet plates of the President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Standing rules were set up.  Announced the new dormitory at OSD had the support of the State Legislature.  OAD membership roles hit 214. OAD funds: $923.66.  A Ways and Means Committee was set up to work with Mr. M. B. Clatterbuck to keep funding the Vinson Vision fund.  

Two year free membership in the OAD for graduating class of OSD was dropped, because of non-attendnace.

OAD supported a bill to have School moved from the Board of Control to the Board of Education, but the bill died.  Lambasted peddlers (deaf & otherwise) who preyed on the public by selling ABC cards. Fought the U.S. Office of Education's report that said "Each teacher of the deaf must have normal hearing".

16th Convention, 1956.  Primarily concerned with law Changes. OAD funds: $1,650.94.

17th Convention, 1958.  Proposed NAD Constitution was ratified by the assembly.  An additional $600 income tax deduction for Deaf people was trampled under.  OAD funds: $1944.38.

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1960 - 1969

18th Convention, 1960.  President reported on Legislative bills unfavorable to OSD and to the driving privilege of the Deaf.  Law change galore. A trampoline wasp purchased for OSD.  OAD funds: $2,391.17.

19th Convention, 1962. Revised Constitution and Bylaws accepted and voted to take effect immediately.  First time budget accepted.  OAD funds: $1,359.49

20th Convention, 1964.  Voted to meet in 1965 and thereafter in odd numbered years.  Approved Portland Chapter joining Portland Association of the Deaf.  Same slate of Officers retained through to 1965. OAD funds: $1,996.15.

Special convention, 1965.  Eugene Chapter formed & accepted by the convention.

21st Convention, 1967.  Law changes. OAD funds: $1,793.41

22nd Convention, 1969.  NAD meeting 1968 working on TTYs for Deaf. Report on Jr. NAD -- these will be future OADers.  Decided on officer not attending OAD convention gets no pay.  OAD funds: $1,464.05

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1970 - 1979

23rd Convention, 1971. Supported OSD under State Board of Education, not Board of Control.  Presented sundial to OSD celebrating 100 years.  Beaverton Chapter accepted.  OAD funds: $1,947.86 Board meeting, 1971. Argument that we educate the doctors on the advantages of OSD, because it is the doctors parents will listen to.

24th Convention, 1973.  Dues were upped to $5.00 per year for 1975. OAD funds: $1,993.15. Board Meeting, 1973. We require Vocational Rehabilitation employees to be conversant in the use of manual sign language (ASL). Board meeting, 1974. Oregon is far ahead of other states in Vocational Rehabilitation work.  Salem stores were warned about ABC sign cards being peddled by person pretending to be deaf.  Portland OAD Chapter reported to be dying.  Legislature has bill to spend $56,000 on TTYs.

25th Convention, 1975.  Few members. Demise of Beaverton Chapter accepted. OAD funds : $329.39. Board Meeting, 1975. Proposal to get U.S. Vice-President Rockefeller support total communication.  Board Meeting, 1976. Proposal to hire full time Secretary at $8,000 a year, with $1,000 travel expenses and $600 for supplies.  Lloyd Nelson selected as tax accountant.

26th Convention, 1977.  Hearing-impaired can serve on juries.  NAD quota fee was upped from $1.50 to $2. per head.  Miss Deaf Oregon offically made a part of OAD conventions.  OSD, Jr. NAD officers admitted free to OAD Conventions.  OAD funds: $48.40.  Board Meeting, 1978.  Accept death of Portland Chapter. Board Meeting, 1979. Introduce different colored cards for voting at Conventions.

27th Convention, 1979. Report on apartment for Senior Citizens near Milwaukie, OAD to sponsor. Proposed joint with WSAAD, but separate meetings.  Dues upped to $20 for 2 years. Endowment fund of $10,000 established. Deaf Woman of the Year & Deaf Man of the Year set up.  OAD funds: $2,176.64. Board Meeting, 1979.  Why does DMV not allow interpreters for deaf during driver's test? SIgned 3 years contract with Heritage Publishing Co. (newsletter).

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1980 - 1989

Board Meeting, 1980.  Contract Portland Police to have interpreter when arresting deaf person.  Checked with AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) to set up a program for Deaf.  Mail vote $10 dues for 2 years, $8 for Senior Citizens.  OAD held a mini convention to discuss and clarify regulations 503 & 504 of the Rehab Act.

28th Convention, 1981.  Motion made and passed to prepare and keep an up to date history book of the OAD.  Most of this meeting was given over to additions and revisions to the Bylaws.  OAD funds: $4,566.75.  Board meeting, 1981.  OSD flag pole donation of $200.  Board Meeting, 1982.  New OAD logo contest. Donated $100 to Washington Park Zoo for color TV.  Linda Gehm resigns as Deaf Pageant Director; Sally Maxwell elected to replace.  Board Meeting, 1983. Invest $6,000 with I.D.S.

29th Convention, 1983.  Passed to start Home OFfice fund with $1,000. Dues raised to $15 for 2 years; Senior Citizens - $12 for 2 years. AOD funds: $6,400.18.  Board Meetings, 1984. Accept President Les Gaffney's resignation.  Accepted President Calvin Johanson's resignation. Board Meetings, 1985.  signed 3 years newsletter contract with I.D.S.

30th Convention, 1985.  Passed to have one day min-convention between biennial conventions.  Passed accept new official emblem design by Renwick Dayton. OAD funds: $4,889.73.  Board Meeting, 1985.  OAD office opened at OSD in basement of Lindstrom Hall.  Board Meeting, 1986.  TTY loan set up to purchase TTY equipment.  Board Meeting, 1987.  Committee set up to investigate merge of OSD & OSB.

31st Convention, 1987.  Pass to dissolve TTY loan fund by November 1988.  OSD seniors free membership discontinued.  OAD funds: $2,261.60.  Board Meeting, 1987. Start up OAD Newsletter.  Board Meeting, 1988.  Past PResident's plaque set up.

32nd Convention, 1989.  Passed to give balanced of TTY/TDD loan fund to Endowment Fund.  Passed annual payment of $500 a year to Camp Taloali. OAD funds: $13,654.00. Board meeting, 1990.  Formed a committee to look into services to deaf students at Chemeketa Community College.  Endowment Fund now at $13,000.

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1990 - 1999

33rd Convention, 1991.  Bid won for 1996 NAD Convention in Portland announced.  OAD funds: $28,513.64. Board Meetings, 1992. OAD, GPAD, PMAD, & DSI host New Years Party.  Passed to publish Oregon TDD Directory.  Board Meeting, 1993. Endowment Fund now at $17,973.

34th Convention, 1993.  Awards Individual's banquet meal paid by the Assocation.  All Presidents to receive engraved honorary Gravel.  Dues raised to $25 for 2 years.  Passed to purhcase a gravel and flashlight for President.  OAD funds: $34,756.53. Board Meeting, 1993. Design and print OAD brochures.  Board Meeting, 1994.  OAD Baldwin Scholarship Trust set up.  Play "An Italian Hat" raised $10,000 for OAD.

35th Convention, 1995.  Purchased laptop computer for Secretary.  Establish task force for Senior Citizens Residential Home for the Deaf.  NAD Convention held in Portland.  OAD funds: $53,202.19.  Board Meeting, 1996.  75th Anniversary of OAD held in Salem.  Board Meeting, 1997.  Profit from NAD Convention from NAD $24,290.77. Endowment fund now has $25,384.67.

36th Convention, 1997.  Vinson Vision Fund deleted from BYlaws.  OAD donates $10,000 to Camp Taloali. Purchase of ODRC for $10.  OAD Funds: $78,897.47. Board Meeting, 1998. 216 members.  "Student Members" at 50% discount.  Bi-State Mini-Convention (OAD/WSAD).

37th Convention, 1999.  Consumers Education Standing Committee established.  OAD Funds: $66,127.60. Board Meeting, 1999. Close ODRC office. Terminate ODRC contract with PUC/TDAP. Move OAD Web page from open.org to Teleport.com.  

Perusing the minutes of the OAD from 1921 to 1999 was time consuming. Its seems to much Convention time was given over to revising, rehashing, rectifying, amending, doctoring, polishing, refining, improving, modifying and other wisely changed our Constitution and Bylaws.  

Readers may be interested in knowing the financial status of our Association through the years.  The above shows the balance reported at each convention insofar as can be ascertained.  

The early formative days of our OAD witness some blunt outspoken individuals who did not hesitate to say what they thought or felt about matters brought before the assembly. Yet they were convened for the social and moral welfare of the Deaf, especially for those in Portland where the greater number of the deaf population of the state resided. There may be some choice and intriguing items we overlooked in reading the minutes.

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2000 - 2009

38th Convention, 2001.  TBA

39th Convention, 2003.  TBA

40th Convention, 2005.  TBA

41st Convention, 2007.  TBA

42nd Convention, 2009.  TBA

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2010 - present

43rd Convention, 2011.  TBA

44th Convention, 2013.  TBA

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