OAD Events/Posts Announcements:

January 2, 2022

Hi Fellow DEAF/HH Oregonians,

O.A.D. Boards Officers WANTS TO IMPROVE "Deaf Communities throughout Oregon State".

Please use EITHER OAD email addresses:
* OADENEWS [at] gmail [dot] com
* INFO [at] OAD1921 [dot] org
* ENEWS [at] OAD1921 [dot] org

Please share your information about:
* Movies (O.C. or C.C.)
* Religious - ASL Services
* Sports
* Interpreted Events/Shows
* ASL Groups
* AA - ASL Meetings
* NA - ASL Meetings
* ASL (Chats) CoffeeHouses
* Holidays Events
* ANY ASL meetings/shows...etc.

Thankyou very much
Mike Mahoney
OAD Editor
oadenews [at] gmail [dot] com

Steven Brown
OAD President
oad1921 [at] gmail [dot] com

PLEASE DISREGARD OLD events/posts email addresses.
We don't have access to those OLD email addresses.