Portland Insititute for Contemporary Art is Providing ASL Interpreted Plays.

September 12, 2021


My name is Madison Hames, TBA:21s Digital Content + Access Coordinator. I am writing to let you all know that PICA is collecting requests for ASL and Audio Description (AD) for a IRL performance in this year's TBA. We hope you will feel moved to share this information with your community!

Below you will find details about the performance, registration process, contact information to request services, and our updated Covid-19 policy.

ASL and Audio Description will be provided upon request for a IRL performance by hannah krafcik + Emily Jones, titled apogee. apogee is a sci-fi inspired multi-sensory stim, a personal reflection on the ways our sensitive systems intertwine with surroundings--how they collapse time, reorganize, spin out, and regulate.

The performance will take place on Sept 30, Oct 1, and Oct 2 all at 7 PM PDT.

Content and photosensitivity warning: Both live and Virtual performances: Live performances will include captions for pre-recorded sound. Both live and virtual performances may not be safe for those who experience seizures, motion sickness, headaches, or dizziness. This work features loud sound, multiple video projections, and footage that is shaky and quickened with fast cuts and flashing visuals.

A TBA:21 Pass is required to attend these events; they are available at pay-what-you-can prices at https://www.pica.org/tickets/tba21. Once you have purchased your TBA:21 pass, you can reserve your spot for "apogee."

If folks have questions or would like to arrange prioritized seating, they are welcome to contact me directly at madison [at] pica [dot] org. If I am unavailable, I recommend calling Audience Services at: 503-224-7422 or emailing: audienceservices [at] pica [dot] org. Additionally, if anyone would prefer to submit a request through a Google Form, they can find one located here.

PICAs updated Covid policy: For all of the Festival’s indoor, live performances–we will require either a proof of a full course of COVID-19 vaccination OR proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 48 hours prior to entry. For all other in-person programs, all guests over the age of 2 are required to wear a mask and keep six feet apart while indoors. Per the statewide mask mandate, masks are required indoors and outdoors, regardless of vaccination status. Anyone who is experiencing or exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 or who has been in contact with others who are is asked to stay home to avoid the risk of exposing others.

Lastly, let me know if you have any questions, concerns, thoughts, and/or feedback. We're always looking to grow.

Best regards,

Madison Hames
TBA:21 Digital Content + Access Coordinator