State Wide virtual VR services for Deaf/HOH

May 30, 2021


My name is Chris Mortensen. I am a certified Deaf and Hard of Hearing Employment Specialist with Partnerships in Community Living (PCL). If you are working with a Vocational Rehabilitation counselor, our team may be able to help! We are located in the Salem, Oregon area but can provide virtual services to Deaf/HOH job seekers around the state. Below are the services we can provide virtually to prepare you to work and live as independently as possible.

Virtual Career Exploration:

We can support you with exploring and learning about a variety of occupations in order to identify what types of jobs would be a good fit for your specific skills, interests and needs. This service will help you identify some specific career options in your preferred field of work. During Career Exploration, we will not be actively searching for jobs. We will complete a report for your VR counselor to review and use to help you and your job developer plan your job search. Some examples of virtual Career Exploration might include:

Exploring jobs virtually through youtube and other online visual examples
Conducting informational interviews with Deaf/HOH people who are working in various occupations ( we have connections nationwide!).
Completing the Career Information System (CIS) assessmnet to determine your skills and interests
Helping you to develop a college plan with an educational goal in a specific field of work

Disability Related Skills Training:

We have developed training that can help you learn many of the tools and skills you will need to live and work more independently. This skills training series generally takes about 6 months and we meet weekly (online) for classes. Some of the topics we cover in training are as follows:

Accessing Community and State Resources
DMV services
Social Security
DHS Programs
Emergency and non emergency services
Food stamps, housing and other entitlement programs
Banking, Budgeting and Finances
Setting up bank account
Reporting Social Security
Creating a monthly budget
Paying Bills
Requesting accommodations/ interpreters (for meetings, interviews, assessments/evals, trainings for work etc.)
Hearing and Deaf cultural differences and considerations in the workforce
Identifying support team and communicating goals and support needs
Technology Assessments and Training
Identifying appropriate assistive technology
Training on utilizing technology
Setting up and utilizing remote services
*Appropriate Language assessments and access to communication that meets the language level of the client is assumed and required as part of the service delivery expectations.

Christopher Mortensen
Certified Deaf and Hard of Hearing Employment Specialist
Partnerships In Community Living, Inc
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Video Phone/Video Relay Service: 503-498-5585/530-513-6963
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