Vocational Rehabilitation Publishes The 2021 Comprehensive Statewide Needs Assessmen

July 18, 2021

VR publishes the 2021 Comprehensive Statewide Needs Assessment

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We are pleased to announce the 2021 Comprehensive Statewide Needs Assessment (CSNA) report is available online for staff, partners and the public. The CSNA for Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) is a report that is required by the Federal Rehabilitation Services Administration every three years. Oregon VR contracted with Public Consulting Group, LLC to complete its CSNA, which assesses the needs of individuals in Oregon who have disabilities in their pursuit of competitive employment. The CSNA seeks to effectively assess VR consumer needs in order to advise VR future policy and decision making so VR can best serve their consumers and meet their rehabilitation needs.

VR is charged through the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended by Title IV of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act 2014, to provide services to youth and adults with disabilities to reach their goals for competitive integrated employment and achieve self-sufficiency. This is achieved by consideration of individual's unique strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests, and informed choice. VR partners with individuals seeking services, local agencies, healthcare providers, employers, and clients’ relatives to provide services, including rehabilitation and social services and vocational assistance.

Throughout this report, VR has taken great efforts to adopt successful practices, build strong relationships, and use research and data to form a forward vision. These recommendations and calls to action build upon VR’s groundwork. Implementing these changes to close gaps and improve service delivery can help VR continue their forward trajectory toward innovative practices, data-based decision making, and quality outcomes for job seekers across Oregon.

This CSNA report is posted on VR’s public facing website at:

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